Wireless Credit Card Processing Solutions

Today, so many of us are always on the go — including a massive number of businesses and business owners. The need for wireless credit card processing has never been higher. Bespoke Bancard Solutions' secure credit card processing services include numerous wireless options that enable you to do business wherever you need to, no matter your industry. With our wireless credit card readers and merchant services, you can achieve success without limits.

What Is Wireless Credit Card Processing?

  • Wireless credit card processing connects a terminal to a payment processor without the need for wires or landlines.

  • Merchants just have to swipe customer cards for payment at a wireless credit card terminal.

  • Wireless credit card processing puts mobile merchants on equal footing with brick-and-mortar businesses, but transactions can be processed almost anywhere.


How Do Wireless Credit Card Readers Work?

  • Each wireless credit card terminal communicates between the merchant, the payment processor (like Bespoke Bancard Solutions), the cardholder's bank and the merchant's bank instantly through the internet, radio-frequency identification (RFID) or near-field communication (NFC).

  • The merchant simply runs a customer's card through a wireless credit card machine and puts in the sale amount — the authorization process happens instantaneously at the point of sale. 

  • Funds accumulated from each transaction will be transferred from the card-issuing banks to the merchant.

Is Wireless Credit Card Processing the Same as Mobile Credit Card Processing?

  • While the two are related in that they don't require wires, mobile credit card processing typically refers to transactions processed through a smartphone or mobile device, with the customer getting a text or email receipt.

  • Mobile credit card processing can be done through a specific app or a piece of equipment that attaches to the mobile device.

  • A wireless credit card terminal is a standalone device with a keypad and display screen, most of which can still print paper receipts.

Why Use a Wireless Credit Card Terminal Over a Traditional Option?

  • There is nothing wrong with traditional credit card processing services, but many businesses need the flexibility of wireless credit card processing. 

  • Businesses that operate on the go need to offer wireless credit card transactions to stay competitive as consumers don't carry cash as often.

  • Wireless credit card readers are convenient for both merchants and customers.

Wireless Credit Card Machine Solutions for All Businesses

  • Bespoke Bancard Solutions has all the wireless credit card equipment you need to process transactions quickly and efficiently — anywhere.

  • Wireless credit card processing is perfect for businesses that attend trade shows, expos, conventions, markets and outdoor events, as well as for food trucks, food delivery services, home repair companies and more. 

  • Whether your business is large or small or you operate in a high-risk industry, Bespoke Bancard Solutions has the merchant services and wireless credit card processing options that will help you grow.

  • Custom API technology allows developers to seamlessly integrate into their proprietary applications, making it the perfect credit card merchant processing solution for those needing a little more customization.