We offer merchants freedom to control their processing costs like never before. Both online and at the point of sale. Business owners now have the added flexibility of adding a surcharge when a credit card is used. This effectively lets them offset some or all of their processing fees. Saving merchants thousand of dollars each year. 98% of card holders do not have any problems paying a service charge in order to use their preferred payment methods. The amount of money that is saved can be reinvested back into your business. Stop paying the reward points for your customers when they pay with their American express business card so they can benefit from the incentives the card brands offer them. Let us help you make an informed decision why this product would make great sense for your business. 



​In conjunction with Visa and MasterCard regulations, we can help you save thousands of dollars per year. Its simple. We enable you to apply a small service fee to credit card payments and offer your clients a discount for using cash. This offsets some or all of your card fees, allowing you to reinvest the money into your business. Better yet, our point-of-sale technology automatically applies the surcharge , making it seamless for you and your customers. 


  • Reduce or offset potentially all credit card processing fees

  • surcharging is fully compliant with US bank card brand regulations

  • automatically calculated by the terminal, so you'll never need to

  • offer your customers a discount for paying with cash

  • affordably upgrade to the latest technology

Card-not present SURCHARGE PROGRAM

Our card-not present surcharge program allows you to reduce some or all of your credit cards fees. Our platform and solutions built on choice and flexibility thanks to offering the latest market innovations. Its simple and quick to start saving money

  • Seamlessly integrated into out hosted checkout experience

  • Transparent and complete reporting of all surcharges in your merchant dashboard

Simple integration and registration process

Adding surcharging as a money saving solutions is simpler than ever with  our fully featured payment gateway. 

Recover your monthly payment processing fees

Easily save thousands of dollars per year. By automatically applying a small service fee for credit card payments. You recover most or all of your processing fees. No gimmicks no surprises 


Offer your customers choice with cash incentive discounts

Consumers usually pay with a credit card simply for convivence or to get reward points. Now they get to choose. Enhance the customer experience by offering a discount for cash payments.

No hidden fees
Fixed rate pricing puts money back in your pocket.
Next day funding
Next day funding with batch cut off of 11pm est
PCI & Chargeback support
Optimized Payments
Robust payment technology
Dedicated relationship manager & support team