Quick Serve payments

We specialize in providing fast frictionless and affordable credit card processing solutions to a wide array of quick service businesses. 
Niche business types: different types of businesses that fall under the quick serve umbrella, including fast food/fast casual restaurants and convenience stores.
We are committed to to simplifying the payments experience for all quick serve businesses by offering custom pricing, a wide variety of payment processing hardware and live customer serve 
Manage your employees
Our employee management tools and homebased integration allow you to easily:
  • Post open jobs on the top job boards
  • build a team with unique roles and permissions
  • leverage a fully features time clock powered by Homebase
  • create schedules with labor forecasting
  • Give trusted employees customizable levels of access to your data
  •  Manage your company payroll.
Manage customers
Open a ticket, run a card to start a tab, and close it out whenever the customer is ready. Gain valuable insights into the behavior of your customers, including:
  • Who spends the most
  • who your most frequent visitors are
  • Who is a first time visitor 
You can even encourage customer feedback by asking your patrons to rate their experiences on your email and text receipts.
Manage inventory 
Build your cloud-based library with items, categories, and modifiers.
  •  Track/sync quantities across devices
  • Check category performance by volume and quantity sold
  •  Set custom low-stock alerts, and more

Payment methods

  • We support for all types of payment methods, including 450 +Local & alternative methods

  • Credit cards

  • NFC Contactless payments

  • Pin & debit cards

Optimized cost

Our payment engine optimizes transactions and reduces fees and increases revenue.

  • Heavily reduced rates and fees

  • smart transaction routing 

  • 200 acquirers 

"We dont do contracts or early terminations fees!"
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