Why your business need to reconsider its payments strategy

The days of being tied down to 1 payment processing acquirer is just another trend of the mega speed, fast changing payments industry. Businesses need to reconsider their payment strategy by implementing a acquirer agnostic payment processing strategy. To validate this claim a recent blog i read from Acelya a fintech company for the airline space. They mentioned that an acquirer agnostic solution that connects with local and global acquirers can assure the flexibility to help retain control and facilitate cost reductions and helps avoid being business dependent on a single payment provider and the maintenance of favorable terms and the need to secure access to the appropriate lines of credit.

Having options like our optimized smart transaction routing which will run the transaction through the most cost effective acquirer is a feature our platform offers, merchants will have access to more than 20 different acquires when running transactions on our global platform. Having this freedom will avoid constraints of being tied to one financial institution.

Having multiple providers also gives your fast growing business, more volume to scale by enabling the load balance, the credit to each acquiring bank, this is so you don't go way over your limit with one provider and risk funds getting held up, instead you can balance the volume thresholds through each acquirer. This is huge for companies that weren't approved for full processing thresholds from current provider. Something we can assist you with. Adding additional payment providers and increasing the volume thresholds and load balancing them.

Higher acceptance rates:

A multiple acquirer strategy will increase your acceptance rates. Our smart transaction routing will enable to route transactions to a specific acquirer on pre-defined business rules and rout the transaction the the acquirers bank most likely to approve the transaction. Being directly integrated through Nuveis payments engine safecharge removes intermediaries which makes for transactions being reported in Realtime and will allow you to better serve your consumers.

Gateways: If you want to architect such a strategy you will need a gateway that is multi mid functioned. This will allow the gateway to integrate with other gateways & acquires. This is a feature our gateway offers and our gateway partners such as NMI.

If you dont want to change your current provider, FINE...At least allow us to be one of the back up acquires to offer your customers so they can get their transactions approved fast and you can save more money on the rates and fees by allowing us to become part of your stack. You can directly integrate into the payments engine we offer that will make you a an acquire agnostic and a single point connectivity to each card brand DIRECTLY.

This platform will allow large merchants to run 10 x the amount of transactions with a 99.99% uptime and give you the necessary volume thresholds you need to scale. Contact me via reply or send me an email directly to discuss a new payment strategy for your business. steve.w@bespokebancard.com

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