Top 5 Reasons You & Your Business Need Fraud Protection

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

WIth the recent pandemic, the scammers are using this to their advantage by posing as legitimate businesses. Some of the most effective ways they're obtaining this information is through phishing scams. WIth the amount of information that can be gathered on you or your business from sites like facebook, scammers are easily able to compromise accounts due to weak passwords. The breached data is then sold on the dark web. According to Visa

This means the phone call claiming to be your bank, your wireless carrier or your favorite retailer may actually be a fraudster.Most institutions including government agencies, do not call you directly on the phone so you should never share any personal or financial information with them unless you are the one initiating the call.

The US secret service made an announcement, that cyber criminals are using fear tactics to scare business owners with tactics such as covid19, they're acting like a medical offices or non profits to steal your sensitive info. Here are the top 5 ways fraudsters steal your information.


Let us help you protect what you have worked so hard for. With the amount of fraud that is happening on the daily protect you and your business from being an easy mark. We have many of products and procedures that can and will help you protect your business and assets. To protect you and your business please give us a call so we can help implement procedures to prevent phishing scams and credit card fraud! 818-724-8062

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