Learn why your bank charges you more to process your credit card payments!

Learn why you’re paying more to process credit cards with bank!

Have you ever wondered where these logos on these multibillion-dollar sports arenas get their money to build a Bank of America Stadium or US Bank Stadium or better yet the Barclays Center?


Your merchant account is a way for banks to make up for the “free accounts” they might give you upon setting up a business account. How many times have you been to the bank and you have seen a person standing in line with a credit card terminal? Chances are never.

Your bank must partner with a company like us to process the credit card payments. This means you will pay the bank fees plus our fees.

Our inside sales team gets so excited when cold calling merchants and they tell them that they’re with their bank to process their payments. There’s a reason why the CEOs of the banks fly private and make millions a year in salary.

Let’s set that aside for a second. As a business owner would you rather have a specialist who knows the bank card industry or your banker who specializes in loans, checking & business accounts take care of your payment processing?

It’s the same as if you would go to the doctor’s office and see a general practitioner or an orthopedic who specializes in backs. We are the orthopedic. We specialize in payment processing and set up businesses of all types. Low risk, high risk & CBD payment solutions.

We understand gateways & POS systems and mobile solutions.

Look we all need banks to move money around and to keep it safe. When it comes to processing your credit cards give us a shot to let our feet and actions do the talking. We ask that you keep an open mind and let us first start off by reviewing your processing statement. We can expose your current pricing versus what you would be paying with us. At that point if you think the numbers are attractive enough to consider, we will further the conversation to discuss what it will take to earn your business.

Is that fair? I promise you as an executive of this company we will take great care of you and be there for you in the case that any challenges may arrive. 24/7 customer support!

Please leave a comment or share your thoughts. Even though I consider myself a sales expert and payment specialists I’m always open to learning.


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