Find Out Why Your Bank Charges More for Credit Card Processing

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Are you currently using your bank to process your credit card payments for your business? According to a JD Power article, Banks have actually edged out merchant service ISOs and outperformed them with merchants feeling more satisfied, processing payments with their bank.

I was surprised when i read this because the banks are actually some of the highest merchant service fees that we see from merchants looking to switch processors. Where do you think these banks get these multi-million dollar sports logos placed on these multi-billion dollar sports arenas? I'll give you one guess. Your bank! FEE INCOME!

The truth about your bank

Most merchants do not know this but their bank that offers merchant services has to partner with a processor like us to process the payments for their customers. Merchant services is a nontraditional banking product. This means you will be paying the bank's fees on top of the merchant processor's fees. A major reason why we see merchants that process payments with their bank are generally paying more than if they were to process payments with a company like us.

How many times have you walked into your bank and seen a person inline standing with a credit card terminal because they need service help? NEVER!

The JD Article touches on this, most merchants that process payments with their bank and are in need of service help, don't even realize that they are calling a processor that their bank partnered with and not speaking with their bank. So realistically if you think about it, the merchants that are using their bank to process credit cards are actually really processing with a legit ISO or processor. They assume it's their bank because upon signing up their banker never explained to them how the clock was actually built.

Promising statistics

Not all small business owners are happy with their current provider; 27% say they “definitely will” consider switching to another merchant services provider during the next 12 months.

Any time our office receives merchant statements from a prospect looking to save money and change merchant services from their bank gets so excited especially from the bigger banks like Bank of America or Wells Fargo because we know we can save them a lot of money.

Once we expose the savings that we found and the merchant finds out what they were actually paying with their bank, end up switching over to us right away.


Something you have to consider when it comes to choosing the right payment partner for your business is. We specialize in merchant serves. This is our core competency. Banks however specialize in checking & savings accounts, loans, and other products.

If you had a heart issue, would you go see a general practitioner doctor or would you want to see a cardiolisgist? I'm not sure about you but I want to see a specialist when it comes to my heart. A doctor that focuses on the heart.

Same thing with your merchant account. You want to deal with specialists and not some general practitioner/ banker. That's who we are, the specialists for merchant services. Don't let some banker whos just going to pass you off to a service department handle your payments. Let a company that specializes in merchant services handle this.

If you currently own a business and using your bank to process your credit cards, maybe its time to explore other options and that should be us Bespoke Bancard Solutions!

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