Card brands plan on increasing rates.. unless!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In case you didnt know this, the major card brands make changes to their interchange rates every April & October. According to a recent document Bloomberg has seen, VISA INC plans on raising rates and fees for retail merchants unless you tokenize your transactions.

The network told merchants this month it will leave rates unchanged for card-present

merchants citing sensitivity the pandemics effect on In-store card-present merchants. My suggestion would be not to wait until the last minute to do this. Bespoke Bancard Solutions places all card-not-present merchants on our e-commerce platform that tokenizes the transactions.


Tokenization is a data security method that replaces credit card information with a token- a random value that rtains the cards essential information without compromising security. Our backend platform tokenization technology allows access to billing data without needing to store credit card information. This is especially helpful for recurring or subscription billing purposes.

Each token is linked to a single customer profile and can be used to complete a purchase transaction. Merchants can safely process transaction while reducing the risk of having sensitive data falll into the wrong hands. Tokenizing transactions is an effective fraud management solution that we offer at Bespoke Bancard Solutions.

An article that i read relating to these changes came from the PaymentsJournal

an online industry publication. They mentioned that a tradional Visa card for card-not-present transactions, the fee on a $100 transaction will climb to $1.99 from $1.90 and for Visa premium cards the fee will rise from $2.60 from $2.50.

These changes are way to motivate merchants to tighten up their security measures due to the increased fraud activity since the covid pandemic.

If you arent sure if your transactions are currently tokenized give us a call at Bespoke Bancard Solutions and we will do an account review and help you lower your cost substailly and tokenize your transactions so you can keep your interchange rates inline for the next changes coming up in April of 2021.

Tokenization is only for E-commerce merchants. If your business is running card-present in-store transactions, EMV technology (chip card) will keep your customers data secure.

We've also added the highest level of cardholder data protection with our Point-to-ponit encryption (P2PE) for card present merchants that swipe cards in front of card holders.

What makes EMV different?

An EMV chip card is like a regular credit card, but it includes a microchip that secures transactions. Cardholder data is more secure

on a chip-embedded card that utilizes dynamic authentication, than on a static magnetic stripe card. Instead of swiping the card, it is inserted into, or tapped on the terminal. Chip cards are more secure than regular cards because they offer better encryption.

How does EMV benefit your business

EMV provides increased security and faster checkout times. Card disputes will be reduced since the customer keeps their card in hand and security is improved because card data is passed directly to the payment processor.

Merchants also benefit from:

  • Protection against counterfeit cards with more robust card authentication.

  • Fewer chargebacks and reduced liability due to fraud from non-compliant transactions.

  • Improved bottom line – secure shoppers make for satisfied, repeat customers!

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