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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

It’s official! Bespoke Bancard Solutions is on the map and we are bringing credit card processing capabilities to ALL Cannabis businesses.

In the skyrocketing industry, regulations are still evolving. The need to establish banking & credit card processing history now is a crucial component to be in front of all updates, rate changes & capabilities. We have been working on setting up this position, for everyone to win, by establishing: fast approvals, no rolling reserves, next day funding, 24-hour support and the most competitive pricing structures. And much more. You can find us on (so far), the online platform catering to the cannabis industry for advertising, deals on products and industry news. Contact us to get your business processing asap.

Rolling Stone magazine's article calls it out, on how the industry revenue predictions are an insane $22 billion by 2022. The headline reads:

Exclusive: New Report Predicts CBD Market Will Hit $22 Billion by 2022

That is a lot of money and we all will get a piece of that and we will have fun doing it. I’m already inspired by the people I have met and the relationships I have made through my business. I am old fashion guy, when I think of the cannabis business owner’s profile. Grateful Dead tie dye hippies is what crosses my mind. Wait, how parochial of me to think that way? Right. These dispensary owners and growers are some of the most talented, business minded people, far evolved and still the same (GD tie die hippies are elite amazing people) I have ever met. I’m sure there is a large portion of former drug dealers who managed to stay off the radar and legitimize themselves now. Good for them. I’ve also met the college graduates who come from tech backgrounds designing new and innovative ways to hustle cannabis products. Good for them too. There is so much business out there. We and you, the reader, need to go out there and make that money. I’ll be the first to say it’s not easy because there is lots of hard work at stake. It’s worth it in the end because you get to help business owners and their businesses, including the people you bring on board with you. The added bonuses are helping them be successful and open up elevated possibilities to provide for their families. We want to get involved with educating and helping legitimize the cannabis laws and public perception. It was never fun if you have ever been in trouble for cannabis related offenses, I can relate. I want to have a lot of fun now. More on that later as we get to know each other.

Being someone who has made tens of thousands of cold calls to business owners, I can say that cold calls are not the easiest phone call or sale to make. We are talking CEO’s, executives and their assistants, gatekeepers, accountants, controllers. Very busy people. I’ve had my face and teeth kicked in over the phone so many times that I actually have fun doing it now. The challenges I face today are very small compared to when I first started prospecting and building a sales pipeline. The cannabis industry has been a different experience because of the gratitude of the merchant we get upon approvals and the start of establishing banking history. Unlike jaded business owners I’ve met over the years. They get harassed every day, all day by inept payment processors who hire and don’t uplift inexperienced sales reps. Those reps that over promising and under delivering. I am so excited to share so much with you, there is a lot at stake here and we are in a great position to make a shit ton of money.

One reason alone is the profit margin. There is a number of reasons why cost is much higher to process credit cards for cannabis businesses vs the coffee or mom & pop shops. This is industry wide and will not last forever on both sides. Rates will change and better pricing will come as banking giants enter the market. Business owners: contact us to get started processing and be on the forefront of all of this asap. We have got to make our moves now. Opt in to our email to join and dive more into that here.

That being said we are going to be documenting the process and our capabilities as entrepreneurs. We want to help others achieve their dreams. We will discuss many different topics including and evolving:

• A beginner’s guide to understanding what credit card processing is &

understanding your credit card processing options.

• Terminology we use in the merchant service business.

• A detailed look at the type of transactions that are offered (ACH, auth, etc.)

• Industry information and experiences.

• Basics of finding a target prospect, leads & building a solid sales pipeline.

• And so much more.

You will have the edge and we are going to help you know what you are talking about. We will show you how to work and consult like a professional, how we and you as a business owner can grow and process safely and efficiently with accepting credit cards. Additional insights will include: CMR training, the importance of the underwriting process, how to maintain stable relationships and grow referrals. This is the basic infrastructure of a sales agent making money in the merchant service industry. All of my close friends are industry millionaires, I’ve made them along the way. I will share who and how, as they are still my mentors today.

My promise for those of you who are willing to put in the work: I will show you how to make a career out of selling merchant services & help you make a 6 figure income or more. I will help you do this in close to half the amount of time it took for me as a sales rep at Chosen Payments. That’s 18 months. I will match your efforts with my knowledge and energy. Together we will have fun and make money. Please if you are in sales, read on. It doesn’t matter if its not merchant services sales. We can help.

My partner in this & life, Benita has a big family. Her young cousin, Joey, who is driven and hardworking, explained to me his pitch at his sales position. I always ask: “What’s your sales pitch?” when shooting the shit with other sales guys. He had a basic pitch, bless his heart. He didn’t have or was offered any sales training. Common problem. I gave him advise, polished up his pitch and literally the next day he was in touch. He had made his first sale. We were all so excited.

Text from her cousin Joey the very next day. So good!

I was taught by one of the best telephone sales guys I have ever met. I took the knowledge he passed to me, stepped it up with my own experiences and strategies, and developed a proven system to make money selling over the phone. If you want to learn from the industries top sales rep, please opt in to our email blog so that we can keep you up to date in the merchant services world and follow us as we dive into the Cannabis Industry. And we would appreciate a share, tell your friends to check us out.

How can we help everyone?


Up Next: See what industry insider's top sales rep makes selling merchant services. Follow us for notification!

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