Cannabis industry’s biggest banking secret

March 27 and business is great. We are rocking and rolling. Our pipeline is full of prospects and low hanging fruit who are looking to close ASAP. Thank you, God, for that!!

Last week Elavon, who is a direct processing platform and bank, decided to back out of thousands of mostly new Cannabis & CBD merchant processing deals. They committed to help process credit card payments. This is just hear say from my sources I know very well: Elavon claimed that they were spooked during an audit after finding alleged money laundering schemes with merchants from their processing portfolio. US Bank decided to pull the plug. They gave all merchant 45 days to find a new home to process their credit cards.

This is where Bespoke Bancard Solutions Clients WIN. We have been in this game for many years. We have been hard at work leveraging banking relationships for a long time so our clients wouldn’t have to deal with this headache. We are one of a handful of merchant providers that can place businesses securely without being harassed about their business


We currently have 3 banks that are domestically located and releasing a fourth option tomorrow morning. We are accepting all CBD, Hemp, & Cannabis business types. The minimum a business must process to get approved is the $25k a month. Call us or email us to learn more. Like our Facebook page and stay tuned for what we have in store for all Marijuana Industry Merchants. We have lots to share and you will want to be dialed in when we do. Please join our mailing list for the industry updates from Insider Professor Walsh.


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