Our payment platform

  • Single point of connectivity for in-app, eCommerce, In-store and mobile payments
  • 450+ local & alternative payment methods, 150+ currencies
  • acquiring flexibility and advanced customization 
  • Connections o 200+ global acquiring partners
  • payment innovations to increase conversions and drive more revenue

Easy integration

Start processing fast. Our payment platform easily integrates with multiple gateways, platform partners and eCommerce plugins.

  • Open architecture 

  • Developer friendly API

  • Fast & easy integration options

Advanced customization 

Reach a new level of payment processing capability with our extensive flexibility and customization 

  • Custom built products and solutions

  • extensive rules customization

  • technical support specialist 

Global Connected

Expand your global foot print and tap into new markets. Accept virtually every type of payment and cross border with ease- Removing payments barriers worldwide. 

  • Accept more than 450 + local and alternative payment methods. 

  • Price and sell goods in over 150 countries

  • grow your geographic reach and tap into markets with no compliance worries (North America and Mexico, Latam, Emea, and APAC

  • Scale faster with global pay-ins & pay-outs in highly complex and regulated markets

  • Simplify and manage it all with one single point of integration for all payment options

Innovative & Flexible

Gain and edge with the latest payment Innovations and enhance the customer experience. 

  • Benefit from total flexibility with our acquirer-agnostic and modular service offering

  • Seize new business opportunities with the latest market innovations

  • Enhance customer experience with advanced customization of products and solutions 

  • Optimize payments and enhance conversions with unified reporting 

  • Increase acceptance rates and reduce costs with smart transaction routing

Reliable & Secure

Bring it on. With maximum uptime, high-speed processing and a platform designed to handle large transaction volumes, we can support any sales peak you might have – while still ensuring the utmost security.

  • Benefit from high availability with industry-leading uptime

  • Count on 24/7/365 transaction monitoring and support via global teams

  • Gain virtually unlimited scalability with low latency to support your peak-volume events, such as the Christmas holidays, Grand National, Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more

  • Ensure compliance and security with integrated fraud management

Fully Integrated Payment Solutions

Benefit from robust and proven payment systems that integrate with ECRs, Kiosks and more. Payment integration assists merchants in enhancing efficiency and productivity in processing payments, plus reporting and reconciliation. POS software integrates into back-office applications such as the merchant’s accounting system or CRM.

  • Simple API for POS system to call terminal, receive response

  • Secure EMV processing

  • Full P2P encryption for ultimate security

  • Tender Retail Middleware Integration certified

Semi-Integrated Payments

Compatible with a wide range of POS systems and software. Semi-integrated solutions require less development and offer a faster time to market. As with full integration, it provides faster checkout times that can improve customer satisfaction. Plus, it makes management easier as it allows merchants to perform checkout functions more smoothly and efficiently.

  • Limits PCI Scope

  • Connects directly to processor for direct card data

  • Compatible with wide range of POS systems & software

  • Eliminates on-site back office server requirements

  • Eliminates middleware gateway to save on fees

Cloud Integrates POS

Perfect for cloud or tablet based POS systems. Cloud POS integration offers additional cost savings due to reduced complexity. Integration is quick and simple, with our support specialists always standing by to assist our Partners and their merchants.

  • No complex networking requirements associated with physical integration

  • Eliminates the need for a network connection between the POS system and terminal

  • Eliminates the need for additional certifications