Extensive Omni-Channel Payment Solutions

According to WorldPay, Omni-Channel shoppers spend up to 300% more than those shopping on a single channel. 

Point of Sale Terminals

  • Wide range of hardware for countertop, short and long range wireless payments.

  • Multiple terminal configurations and connectivity options

  • Proprietary terminal application with industry leading features

eCOMMERCE-Global Gateway

  • Global payment gateway for online and in app payments. 

  • Supports 150+ currencies and 450+ payment networks

  • provides recurring billing, account updater, smart outing, anti-fraud tools and more

Invoicing (eBPP) Invoice sherpa

  • Automates accounts receivable and accounts payable

  • Offers custom scheduling and automated invoice reminders

  • Syncs with QuickBooks, Xero and host of accounting apps.

Mobile Payments

  • Anytime anywhere credit card processing using a smartphone or tablet

  • Simple add-on and app for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets

  • Secure, complaint and encrypted solution.

Reporting & Analytics - Merchant Dashboard

  • Extensive date warehouse feeding merchant reporting portal and CRM

  • Real-time, detailed transaction date

  • On-Demand account statement retrieval.

  • Chargeback notifications and dispute management 


Improved Checkout Experience

  • Create a fun, quick & secure checkout (Frictionless)

  • Help mobilizing all channels 

  • Gift & loyalty programs to offer customers as a reward for their loyalty & sharing experience

  • Dynamic currency conversion 150+ currencies to offer out of country customers

  • 450+ payment methods & card schemes i.e. ( Ali Pay & WeChat Pay )

  • strategy for mobile application 

  • Help with having customers share about their journey shopping with your business and sharing about it.