Livery Payments

If you're running a taxi, limousine, or ride share company and looking for a payment partner, you're in the right place. Having worked with some of the biggest livery companies in the states, we have many options for accepting payments for your business. We can integrate with any reservation software such as Limo Anywhere, Fasttrak, Livery Coach, Hudson and many more. We offer next day funding with late batch out times, high ticket/ high  volume accounts, chargeback support, PCI support and a dedicated relationship manager with support team dedicated to each account. 

How can we offer better pricing than your trade association? 

   -We can offer way better pricing than your trade association because we are not kicking back a portion of the profits to them. Merchant service companies that do this, have got to maintain a certain profit margin, Instead of providing the lowest possible rates to the merchants. How does this make sense for you the merchant? Wouldn't you rather pay less than allowing trade association to profit. 

Working with reservation software? No problem!

    -We can integrate into any reservation software through one of the following gateways like, PayFlow Pro, NMI, ePN and others. In fact we can integrate your software directly into our payment engine which is a direct connection to 450+ local & alternative payment methods. Doing it this way will allow you to track key consumer data which will help increase conversion rates, limit chargebacks & fraud. 

Funding times

All merchants will be placed on next day funding with late batch out times. 11 Pm EST and your money will be deposited in the next morning. 

Competitive advantages 

  • We also offer level 3 data with next day funding. We are the only payment provider that can do this currently. 

  • Lower American Express Rates, 3.00% for all livery merchants

  • No contracts

  • Large ticket transactions & high volume accounts available 

What is level 2 & 3 data?

Level 2 and 3 processing provides a cost-effective way for B2B and B2G merchants to accept purchasing, corporate and business cards. Large corporations and government agencies are increasingly using these cards in order to track their spending.

We provide the business-to-business and business-to-government sectors with a comprehensive suite of gateway, reporting and support services. We have been offering Level 2 and Level 3 corporate purchasing requirements for 20+ years. Our in-house teams also deliver ease of integration ongoing support.

  • Secure lower interchange rates

  • prove cashflow through faster settlements

  • reduce chargebacks by collecting additional data

  • Optimize reporting for business cardholders

  • Seamlessly integrates with our recurring billing solution 


are you paying a non-pci-compliant fee? If you're not pci compliant and instead paying a monthly fee to your processor, its time you find a processor who cares enough to help you get compliant. All Bespoke merchants are PCI compliant.