High Risk Merchant Processing

As a high-risk merchant services provider, Bespoke Bancard Solutions is dedicated to helping businesses in high-risk industries. We recognize the difficulties high-risk merchants face and our team is here to help with unparalleled payment and processing solutions. When you enlist our high-risk merchant processing services, we'll accept the liability for the increased risk associated with your business. Apply for a high-risk merchant account today!

Long-Term High-Risk Merchant Solutions

  • When you choose Bespoke Bancard Solutions, you work with a high-risk merchant processor dedicated to helping you better your business. 

  • Our team will learn your goals and challenges and create a sustainable solution that best suits your needs and capabilities. 

  • Working with a high-risk merchant account payment gateway gives you the best possible opportunity to grow your website sales.  

  • Get more chances for growth and expansion by selling products or services that aren't allowed when you have a low-risk merchant account. 

  • High ticket, high volume thresholds. We will supply you with the necessary thresholds to run your business without your funds getting held up or kicked off platform. We have merchants running single transactions as high as $100k and getting their funds deposited next day.

  • Affordable pricing. All of our merchants are priced aggressively whether you are low-risk or high-risk. 

  • Fast approvals, we have strong working relationships with the underwriters and can have your high-risk account approved with in 48 hours.  

Premium Equipment Powered by Nuvei

  • Our state-of-the-art devices include point of sale (POS) hardware to provide high-risk merchant accounts with the latest technology. 

  • From Dial and IP to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, we offer a variety of connectivity options to accept NFC, MagStripe, EMV and mobile wallets.

  • Our high-risk merchant solutions feature 24/7 expert technical support with semi or full-integration capabilities.

  • Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) ensures your card data is secure while reducing or eliminating PCI scope.  

Automated Invoicing & eBilling

  • Receive payment alerts in real-time via text or email reminders, as well as automated revenue recovery.

  • Get recurring billing powered by automation, so you never miss an invoice. 

  • Use our customer portal to view, pay and inquire about invoices for your high-risk merchant account.

  • Our automatic integration syncs perfectly with accounting software like FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero and SageOne.

Merchant Dashboard

  • View extensive reporting and analytics with our user-friendly portal and CRM. 

  • Receive notifications regarding chargebacks and dispute management in real-time.

  • Get transparent, on-demand account statement retrieval and stay updated on your high-risk merchant account. 

  • Access detailed transaction and inventory data at a moment's notice.

Affordable Pricing

  • Rest assured knowing you're getting the best possible value out of our high-risk processing solutions.

  • The chance to pay lower rates than you're currently paying gives your business the opportunity to use the money you save on other business endeavors.

  • We'll work with our partners to reduce chargebacks and get you approved for a custom-fit merchant account for high-risk business.

  • Get same and next-day funding options, fast approvals and chargeback support.