Health & Beauty payments

Has your Health & Beauty business been denied by other payment providers? What is your shopping cart abandonment rate? Does your company offer a reward program to loyal customers? Process your payments with a company that specializes in your industry and can help you increase conversion rates & sales plus limit fraud & chargebacks. All of this plus heavily reduce rates and fees. Start understanding your consumers behaviors with our safecharge payment engine & platform. 
Time to mobilize all of your sales channels. Our Omni-channel payments platform will enhance your customers checkout experience.
  • identify & recognize customers across all channels to personalize their payment experience 
  • Remove payment barriers to simplify purchasing
  • access unified reporting across all channels
Mobilize all of your sales channels
identify & recognize repeat customers during checkout & simplify the payment experience- whether its online , in-app, or in-store
  • Enhance the cross-channel purchasing experience
    (buy online and return in store, by online and pick up in store,etc.).
  • Boost conversion with a checkout experience customized to each customer’s location, language and local currency.
  • Reduce the number of steps to complete a purchase with one-click payment.
99.99% uptime
High availability with industry-leading uptime and high-speed processing to handle large transaction volumes
  • 24/7/365 transaction monitoring and support via global teams
  • Virtually unlimited scalability to support peak periods

Unified Reporting 

Keep track of all your transaction and get a full view of your business no matter how, when, or where sales and payments are made.

  • A single platform for all sales channels worldwide

  • Centralized payment management

  • Performance companies by county, currency, payment methods or date

Deep-Dive Analytics


Get more out of each of your transaction and unlock new opportunities

  • Actual cost breakdown and acquirer margin, full transparency

  • Advanced case management to uncover hidden revenue potential  

Global Acquiring

one platform. Once partner for all markets.

Access the world and manage it all through one integration. 

Cross borders easily with our vast global acquiring network.

  • Direct connections to all major card schemes

  • Manage all global payment options through one integration

  • customize the checkout experience with local languages, payment methods and currencies

  • Integrate with multiple gateways, platform partners & eCommcer plugins

  • settle locally in your choice of bank

450+ local payments & 150+ currencies

Expand your global footprint & tap into new markets without compliance worries.
Accept virtually every type of payment- from major credit & debit to local payments options customers know
Credit & Debit
Mobile payments
Bank transfer
Cash vouchers