We have a wide spectrum of customer that we do business with. We approve new & existing businesses, Low-Risk & High-Risk industries and niche markets that we specialize in. We also leverage relationships with referral partnerships that have a existing books of business and want to offer merchant services as a value ad service. If you want a payment partner that you can call, count on and trust, contact us today and we'll totally hook you up. 

New business with No processing history?

 -Yes we approve new businesses with NO processing history

 Existing Business with Processing history?

  -Yes, this is our specialty is to help a business with processing history by heavily reducing the rates and fees they pay when accepting credit cards. If you're a existing business please have a recent processing statement available  so we can prepare a proposal in writing showing a substantial savings. Generally merchants in this category save between 20% -70% on rates and fees!

Niche Markets 

We do have a vast amount of experience in helping several Niche markets. We know all about challenges they face and how to help them scale through key data tracking. 

Types of payments accepted


    -In-store payments, Online payments, Mobile Payments, Omni-channel payments, Integrated payments & B2B payments