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Revolutionalize your payment processing

with a platform built to scale

Surcharge/ Cash incentive 
Same day & next day funding options
Large ticket transactions 
Global Acquiring 
Tokenized transactions
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Chargeback support & mitigation
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PCI support

Don't settle for non-compliant fees. Let  us help get you PCi compliant.

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Contactless credit card terminals

Keep the work zone safe & healthy with our contactless credit card terminals.

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Eliminate your credit card processing fees completely with our new surcharge program. 

A platform built customizability and scalability 

Merchant solutions 

Our platform is built for entrepreneurs of all sizes, small, medium & enterprise. This goes for all industries. Our bankcard experts will help architect the lowest cost and custom tailor your payment processing solutions to fit your business model. We will increase the confidence of your customers with a quick and simple checkout experience that is secure. This goes for card-present & card-not-present businesses.


Available payment processing solutions: 

Instore credit card terminals, online solutions, mobile solutions, global acquiring & integrated solutions

Our sales process

Welcome, all entrepreneurs, business owners, or anyone who has been tasked with setting up a credit card provider for the business. We are here to serve you and to make sure that your business checkout experience is safe, secure, and easy to do. Our sales process is simple.

If you have existing processing history, please have a recent credit card processing statement ready for us to review and we will decode together. Please send over to this email 

If you do not have processing history please give us a call

1-888-307-4633 so one of our bankcard experts can explain our new business pricing structure and what you will need to get your application approved. 

Once we receive your processing statement our bankcard experts will follow up with you to get a better understanding of how you're currently processing your payments and what you would like to see improved. After this step, we will have your proposal ready for you in writing. 

Once these steps are completed we will get the application process started and completed. Once completed we will have you a new merchant ID number and you can then start processing credit cards. 



ApplePay & Google Wallet

Increase security at checkout using our NFC technology like apple pay & google wallet. 

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Large ticket transactions

Have you ever had your money held up for running a large ticket transaction? Not with us. We have merchants that run 100k on 1 single transaction.


Global acquiring 

Accept more than 450 local & alternative payment methods with our global acquiring platform. Offer it all & increase your conversion rates globally & locally.

Why do you need to look at my current processing statement?

We get asked this question just about every day. Why do you need to look at one of my existing statements that shows my current cost? Of course, it wouldn't be that hard to beat my current pricing when you know what I'm paying.

We totally get where you're coming from with that question. However, there are a lot of moving parts when pricing business to accept credit cards. Such as; are you a card present or card not present? What's the average ticket size of your transactions? Industry type and much more. 

The rates that you pay depend on the cards that you take and how you take them is really what it comes down to. 

By providing your merchant statement it will allow us to educate you on how you're currently priced. This will allow us to set the right expectation from the beginning. With over 300 interchange rates that the major card brands charge, your statement is going to give us a clear picture of the card types you're taking. We can then heavily reduce the rates and fees and eliminate any sort of junk fees that banks and other providers sneak in. 

We're not some used car dealership where we will only lower your cost a little bit. We are in this to win and with the level of competition all processors face today, we are going to give you our best possible price from the very beginning. This way you would never leave us on cost.  

Do yourself a favor and leave your contact info in the Hoola at us lightbox and a bankcard expert will contact you ASAP! 

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