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We approve all low-risk mainstream business types & high-risk hard to place merchants

A global platform that can accept 450+ payment methods, over 130 different currencies & Alipay plus Wechat pay

Chargeback support & mitigation, plus fraud monitoring tools

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Would part of you like to know the premium you're paying to accept credit cards with your current merchant provider? 

If you answer yes, please have your processing statements ready for one of our Bancard experts. We will then decode it for you and educate you on how you're currently priced versus what you will be paying with us. 

Why do we need to look at a merchant statement? Why do we have to show you're our pricing? 

Both are great questions however the rates that you pay depend on the card type that you take and how you take them. 

Our job would be so much easier if there was some sort of standard or fixed pricing. 

With over 300 interchange rates and each card having different rates attached to it plus we have to factor in how the transaction was taken card present or card not present. 

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Frictionless payment processing solutions

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