Beauty Industry Solutions 

We provide tailored payment processing technology and services to match your unique business model. Whether you're swiping transactions or running an online website, our technology combined with experience will help you increase conversion rates, limit chargebacks & fraud and heavily reduce rates and fees. Benefit from total flexibility with our acquirer-agnostic and modular service offering. Our niche markets we serve like Beauty Industry  will increase acceptance rates and reduce costs with smart transaction routing. 

  • Gain virtually unlimited scalability with low latency to support your peak-volume events, such as the Christmas holidays, Grand National, Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more

Full Service Gateway

Our payment gateway allows you to reach customers on any device, at any time, from any location, so you can grow your business faster. Access a global market, integrate easily
into your existing setup and get complete security features. 

  • Smart transaction routing

Routing parameter determine now a payment transaction is processed-sending them to the most cost effective acquirer every time. 

  • Recurring billing & card updater

Easily manage recurring payments, subscription billing and other payment plans, our account updater pols card brands to automatically update outdated information

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