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We offer tailored payment technology and services to match your unique business model. Our Payment optimization will increase conversion rates and drive more revenue, while limiting chargebacks & fraud. Almost sounds too good to be true. -Its not



-Did you know that more than half of online shoppers have a negative perception of a brand after having their payments method declined? 

-56% of shoppers abandon a purchase if the checkout didn't seem secure

-More than half of online shoppers are unlikely to return to a retailer after experiencing issues with a payment

Fraud & Risk Management 

Count on our real-time fraud detection scoring engine to stop transaction fraud before it can take place. Fully integrated into our payment solutions, you can rest easy knowing all your transactions are secure. 
  • Reduce chargebacks by identifying and flagging risky orders
  • Highly configurable with 200 combinations & parameters
  • Matches IP address to region BIN to country, High Risk IPS, proxies and more

Acquiring flexibility

Leverage our connections with 200+ global acquirers to capture every payment opportunity, increase acceptance rates, and reduce operating costs
  • Direct connection to all major card schemes
  • Manage all Global options through one integration
  • Easy and secure access to third party providers
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Accept credit card payments anyway you wish

In-store Payments

Accept virtually every type of payment that comes your way- from chip & PIN to tap & pay, and mobile wallets.
  • Contactless
  • Chip& Pin
  • Chip& sign
  • QR Code

Online Payments

Expand your global footprint and tap into new markets without compliance worries. Accept virtually every type of payment-from major credit & debit cards to local and alternative payment options.
  • Credit & debit
  • Mobile payment
  • Bank transfer
  • cash vouchers
  • prepaid

Mobile Payments

Instant & secure mobile payment processing. Our mobile payment solutions enable convenient, fast payment processing on the go.
  • Wireless terminals
  • Mobile POS
  • Payment links
  • QR code
  • In-app

Integrated Payments

Our integrated solutions enhance the transaction experience, adding more features and value to the payment process. Our API allows third party developers to integrate easily into our terminal application.
  • Fully integrated solutions
  • Semi-integrated solutions
  • Cloud integrated POS

Omni-Channel Payments

Our Omni-channel payment technology will optimize operating cost, increase acceptance rates and extract more revenue out of each transaction. 
  • Global acquiring 
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Smart transaction routing 
  • FX solutions 

ACH Payments

Our platform provides high-level security in payments processing. No need for multiple vendors. Ach * eCheck processing among the simplest & least expensive forms. 
  • Flexible & multi purpose across industries
  • simple set up
  • eliminate check handling
  • accept & transfer large amounts of money, avoiding traditional credit card imposed transaction limit

Would part of you like to know the premium you're paying to accept credit cards? 

-If we can save you money on merchant account, we will pay you $500 American Express gift card for wasting your time. -

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Surcharge program

No long term contracts

QuickBooks Integration

Heavily Reduced rates & fees

Same day & next day funding

Approve both Low-Risk & High-Risk

Dedicated relationship manager & support team

Optimized payment solutions

-Don't listen to what we say, hear what our merchant have to  say-

Thank you Bespoke team for the fast set up & great pricing.  You truly are the best payment partner we've ever had

Clive Christian, Controller

We had the hardest time finding a domestic payment partner. Spoke with Steve & team and they had us approved & accepting payments right away. Forever thankful to Bespoke Bancard Solutions

Couldn't find a processor after some chargebacks that came in. Bespoke got us approved with necessary thresholds to scale our business and helped mitigate chargebacks. Would never leave them. Thank you Bespoke

Lowest rates including American Express, great service and fast funding