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Application Guidance

Bespoke Bancard Solutions knows your time is valuable. Follow this application guide so we can prevent time delays.

*you have accessed this page because you were provided a link for guidance to fill out an application. That application is to apply for merchant services with Bespoke Bancard Solutions. To obtain an application, email solutions@bespokebancard.com. A staff member will reach out to you within hours or you can call our office at (818) 292 8528.

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The DBA business address is your business’ physical location address and the Business/Corporation address is the Statement Mailing address.


“Same” is acceptable to use.


Please populate the contact email of the Contact Name.


When you select Statement Option Type “Electronic”, that carries this disclaimer with it:


Found at the bottom of the OTHER FEES section. You will want to stick with Payments Hub for several reasons. One being chargebacks. 


Tickets & Volumes amounts are guestimates, don’t spend too much time here. HOWEVER: High Ticket = the highest single transaction you can run. When you run a higher ticket, that ticket’s funds could be held. Not declined. A request to provide proof of the transaction & your customer’s information will be sent to all of us. If you see a high dollar purchase coming or your average ticket is exceeding the high ticket, call us. We will assist with preventing a funds hold.  

Transaction Descriptor is very important. How do you want your business name & telephone number to appear on your customers credit card statement?


While this states to list all owning over 25% or more equity, the total equity disclosed must total 76%.

Please share if there is more than two individuals and we will send you an addendum page to populate.



This section remains blank. Unless you have a direct account for these services, in which case we would have discussed that and advised further.


Do not check any of the boxes under the card brand names. The statement is stating it's presumed you want to accept these credit cards unless you check boxes that you do not want to accept. Each of which you do want to accept.


INITIAL PAGE 1 - Largest equity owner will initial here.

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The application you received has your pricing schedule on it.

If we have not answered all your questions regarding pricing, or you need to know what something means, call us.

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The PA Mobile & Pay Anywhere pricing, Free tablets (monthly fee) & Wireless pricing pertain to hardware. We talked about if your business needs these. The price is $0.00 if you do not.


The Merchant Information Name is your businesses DBA name, address & telephone #. Not an individuals.


The largest equity owner signs this page.


These are important responsibilities for all party’s involved in credit card processing. Bespoke Bancard Solutions will help all of us stay in line.


Email your completed application back to your sales agent or operations team member.


Please include:

• A copy of all equity owners listed driver’s license, ID or passport.

• A voided check or bank letter from the business account listed. No substitutions.

• You can include your EIN letter or Incorporation paperwork for good measure.

• New business ~1 year: EIN letter/Incorporation paperwork & 1-2 months banking statements or processing statements are recommended to include now. Its 50/50 it will be requested, especially if your averaging high transaction tickets and/or monthly volumes.

We are thrilled you are taking the opportunity to save your business money. We care about your bottom line. It's also important to us to get you credit card processing and keep you processing (we want a healthy bottom line too) to the best of our capabilities.  Do not ever hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, suggestions, or information and we strive to do our best to do the same.

*** key takeaways 

Charge backs - Populating the Transaction Description is very important to help your company protect itself.  If there is any confusion, there’s the phone number right there on your customers statement to call and clarify. Remember, a charge back can be filed for up to 6 months after the transaction date. You get notified a charge back has been filed against your business via snail mail. Payment HUB notifies you immediately and you can reply to it electronically in their portal.


e-Commerce - If a percentage of your business is from the Internet, you will need to be e-Commerce compliant.   Your website must have the following information:


  • Your business address, telephone # and email address on your home page/contact us page.

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms & Conditions (that can contain all of this and more)

  • Shipping & Returns Policy (include who you use shipper)


Are you PCI Compliant? We can help you with that.