Apple Pay & Google Pay

Improved checkout conversions

Add security to the payment process

Online, in-app or point of sale

Apple Pay

Apple Pay transforms payments with an easy , secure, and private way to check out using a single touch.

For use with Iphones, apple watches and other compatible IOS devices, Apple Pay allows customers to pay for a transaction using an app, mobile device or browser shopping cart without the physical need for their credit card. Apple Pay is one of the safest and most private ways to pay. 

  • Frictionless and secure using Touch ID

  • Tokenization, encrypts customer details for stress free transactions

  • Devoloper friendly- Our PAI makes it easy to integrate

  • Eliminates the need to enter card information for fast and reliable payments

  • Your customers never have to leave your app to make payment

  • Powerful security and privacy feature protects your clients and your business

Google Pay

Simplify the checkout experience within your app or in Android Chrome browser.

Reach millions of customers in the US and Canada by unlocking Google Pay’s powerful capabilities. Our Android API makes it simple and quick to integrate Google Pay for payments in-app and on Chrome’s mobile browser. Offer an effortless, simple and secure checkout experience in minutes, with no added fees.

  • Faster, simpler checkout to reduce shopping cart abandonment

  • Customers pay with any credit or debit card stored in their Google account

  • Developer-friendly — our API makes it easy to integrate

  • Your customers never have to leave your app to make a payment