Steve Walsh started from humble beginnings in Southern California. Growing up, he knew he wanted to be a problem solver. Through his hard-work, blue-collar family foundation and passion for business, he landed a position on the phones dissecting the back-end of business's financial reports for his previous employer. From this, Steve developed an expertise in educating merchants and revealing savings. After about 15 years in the industry with a portfolio of 500+ merchants, Steve founded Bespoke Bancard Solutions in 2017; a multi-platform boarding credit card processing firm.

     He knew his front row seat experience could bring value to this industry, which has been his objective ever since. In his own words, "I want to change the Merchant Sales stigma. My guarantee to my merchants is that we will deliver the highest level of service. Providing merchants with solutions is my passion and I want nothing less then to give my customers what they need to grow."

BBS 2019

Are you handcuffed by an

overcharging provider?

     We understand the position you're in and we want nothing else then to provide you with the service you deserve. Call us today (818) 292 8528 and we'll make time to sit down to discuss rectifying the issues you face.


    BBS has recently merged with industry giant BLVD Merchant Group. Together, we are a powerhouse of merchant services that specializes in multiple industries, including high-risk. This strategic partnership has allowed our groups to gain the respect of the Cannabis industry by finding real solutions for real mainstream processing. We have realistic underwriting, fast approvals and straight through card brand acceptance.

     This edge will increase your profit margins. No more time wasted messing around with other complicated options. 


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Bespoke Bancard Solutions is part of Green Payment solutions; which is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo, N.A. Concord, CA.

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