Bespoke Bancard Solutions

We are a payment consulting firm that specializes in credit card processing, payment technology and business solutions. Merchants appreciate our multi-platform onboarding because we can approve both Low-risk & high-risk industries quickly. Our open API is a simple integration that is directly integrated to each card scheme, making it easy for your CRM, ERP or POS system to interface.


Our comprehensive  payment technology is vertically driven to help you provide a frictionless payment experience for your consumers. Make it as simple as possible for your consumers to make payment using our card-present in-store POS terminals or our hosted payment page for your eCommerce business which is customized to your customers location, language and currency. Designed to boost sales. 

Let our payment experts help you tailor your payments so your consumers have a frictionless payment experience while increasing revenue. Click the "get in touch" button and leave your contact info, so our payment experts can reach out. 




Our Services

Our global payment platform allows merchants to tap into new markets across the globe without cross border fees and compliance worries. With 500+ local and alternative payment methods accepted, 150 + currencies and global pay-ins and pay-outs. Providing your consumers with options

In-store payments

Accept virtually every type of payment-from chip & Pin to tap and pay, and mobile wallets

Online payments

Expand your global reach and tap into new markets. Accept virtually every payment method-from major credit & debit to local & alternative payments methods

Mobile payments

Instant and secure mobile payment processing, Our mobile technology integrates with POS & Payment APPs 

Omni-channel payments

Identify and recognize customers across all channels to personalize their payment experience

Crypto payments

Access more payment types, even in previously hard to reach countries

Payment Consulting

We can help your business architect a payment strategy that enhances the payment experience, reduce operating costs and extract more revenue from transactions. 

"Listen to what our merchants have to say about us"


"We are loyal to Bespoke and team. They got us approved when no one else would. We would never leave them plus we highly recommend their services"

Clive Christian Fragrances, Controller


Would part of  you like to know the premium you're paying to accept credit cards? 

We offer a variety of ways that are all going to get you the same result.-Best pricing structure. On average we save merchants with existing processing history between 20% -70% on the rates and fees. If you are a new merchant, don't worry we got a hook up for you too. Stop paying these outrageous fees that these vanilla payment providers offer.


Merchants that are ok with adding a surcharge ,now can process payments with the surcharge automatically added by our payment technology for both card-present & card-not-present business types. Depending on the percentage you the merchant decide to pass on cannot exceed more the 4.00%. You can give your customers the choice to pay the surcharge and use credit  or pay cash and receive a discount. Surcharge programs have accelerated in growth because merchants are tired of paying the reward points of their card holder who use the reward points for free stuff. The savings are in the thousand for most businesses. Its completely legal and compliant by card brand standards. Start saving money today and reinvest back into your business. Click the "Get in touch" button and leave your contact info. A payment expert will reach out to get the process started or answer any questions.