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Bespoke Bancard Solutions is powered by Green Payment Solutions a wholesales ISO for TSYS. This means all underwriting is done in house. This gives us a competitive advantage over our competition because we can get all low-risk & high-risk business types approved. We also have many long-standing working relationships with several high-risk channels. This gives us many choices to get your business approved for payment processing domestically. We work directly with the underwriters and can get them to think outside of the box when approving certain industries. If the deal makes sense you will get approved. 

Why do you need my merchant processing statement?

Why do you need my merchant processing statement in order to prepare a proposal? 

It's simple, the rates that you pay depend on the card types that you take and how you take them. Our job would be so much easier if there was fixed pricing. With over 300 interchange rates that a merchant can accept on any given day, there's a little more to it, such as risk. 

If your business accepts credit card transactions in person or what we call card-present, the card brands look at this as a more secure way of accepting. If your business accepts card-not-present transactions, the same card would qualify at a higher rate because of the potential risk of fraud or chargebacks. 

Interchange rates or card types a customer can pay you with, all have different rates attached to it. A debit card would obviously be less expensive to take than a corporate rewards card. 

As you can see there are a lot of moving parts when pricing a merchant. This is why we request statements. We need to see this data in order to price you accurately. 

It would be the same thing as if we were to call your bike shop and ask for a price on a bicycle, how would you be able to quote us over the phone? You would need certain data from the customer in order to price them correctly such as the make of the bicycle, the color, or any type of added accessories such as lights, locks, or types of tires and rims. 

It's the same thing when pricing merchants. We need certain data on the business in order to price you accurately. Your statement will have all of this information for our proposal team to decode. 

So the next time you see a merchant service company advertising rates like 1.00% or even lower. Stay away because its not transparent to advertise such pricing without knowing what we have explained above. It's very misleading. 

Take action today and key in your processing data below, using our "No Nonsense" calculator below, and get a new lower effective rate. "Effective rate" is the total fees divided by the total credit card volume showing on your statement.

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No Nonsense




     We designed this calculator to streamline the process of providing you with a rough savings estimate!

Total Volume


Total Fees


Card Present

Card Not Present

Current Rate:

0.00 %


Our Rate:

0.00 %

Total Savings:


Disclaimer: This calculation is not 100% accurate. However, it is

really close. 99.9% close. To get the last .1%, we need your credit

card processing statement to give you custom-tailored numbers. We

will help you save, regardless!

Would part of you like to know the premium you're currently paying to process credit cards with your current provider? 

Stop overpaying to process your credit cards!


 Have you ever attempted to try and read your merchant processing statement before? They make your phone bill look amateur, right? If you have, and you have no clue what you're looking at, do not feel bad. Most businesses don't understand how they're priced. 

It's important that you do have a rough idea on how you're being charged, this way you can keep your current merchant provider honest. 

If you have existing processing history please have it ready or send it over to us so we can prepare a proposal for you in writing. If you don't have existing processing history either give us a call or leave your contact info in one of the lightboxes below where it asks you to leave your contact info. 

 Another option is to key in your projective figures into our no-nonsense calculator along with contact info. A new effective rate will be calculated along with savings that will give you an opportunity to capture and take advantage of. 

Please send your merchant statements to or pick up the phone and give us a call at 1-888-307-4366

NFC technology

As of 2019, there were roughly 441 million apple pay users!


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Have you ever had a bad experience when you decided to change payment providers?  We have heard plenty of stories that have caused business owners time & money. 

Our platform at Bespoke Bancard Solutions allows merchants to accept local payments and worldwide. one platform and no barriers. With 450+ local & alternative payment options, 150+ currencies, and global pay-ins & pay-outs, you can now expand your reach and tap into new markets without any friction. Take action today and contact us so we can help you.

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In-Store Payments

     Our advanced payment technologies allow our clients to accept virtually every form of payment that comes their way. From chip, PIN, Tap and Pay, to mobile wallets, you'll never miss a payment opportunity!

Online Payments

     Ask about our easy shopping cart integrations or how we can equip you with the tools you need to start accepting all major credit and debit cards online!


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     Free yourself and become mobile with our advanced hand-held payment devices. Our technologies allow merchants to accept payments on-the-go from anywhere!

Global Acquiring

     Attract more customers from around the world.
Sell to just about anyone, anywhere by accepting every major currency and card brand.

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     Benefit from robust and proven payment systems.
Our integrated solutions enhance the transaction experience, adding more features and value to the payment process.

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